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Revenue Management Service,

at no extra cost.

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At Revhawke, our mission is to provide exceptional NET revenue growth for hotels

without straining THEIR budget.

OUR service not only covers

its own costs but also actively

contributes positively to THEIR bottom line.

Our vision

Revhawke Vision

Unlike other revenue management consultants, we offer a unique advantage – there's no hefty monthly fee for our services or long term contracts. Think of us as an extension of your staff, armed with decades of expertise in revenue management, online distribution, technology, pricing and promotional strategies.

We offer transparent and straightforward guidance to optimise your revenue potential, handling all the complex tasks and heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Let's make one thing crystal clear – we are not a technology company, we don't outsource our work or rely on robots. We are a dedicated team of real people committed to delivering genuine, hands-on service and offer a transparent, no fixed cost pricing plan that pays for itself by adding real value to your overall financial results.

Our services



Revenue forecasting

Daily rate management

Dynamic Yield management

Hotel & comp set analysis

Monthly reporting

Market analysis

Rate plan & promo setup


OTA contracting & setup

OTA ranking optimisation

Content management

Hotel website performance optimisation

Booking Engine setup


PMS review (if any)

New PMS setup and migration (if required)

Staff system training 

Channel Manager setup & mapping 

Payment gateway setup

Web design & hosting

Revhawke Services

Our clients

Our Clients
Revhawke clients

We work with hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), and serviced apartments across all locations in the UK.

The size of the accommodation and the number of sellable rooms do not matter - we are able to support independent hoteliers from just 5 rooms, seamlessly integrating as an extension of their in-house teams.

Currently we are also in partnership with Property Management companies, Property Developers and Property Investors - if you are considering buying or leasing a property, we can provide comprehensive annual revenue forecasts and offer guidance on commercial negotiations to help you make the right decisions. And the best part is, we provide these services completely free of charge as part of our Free Consultation offer. No tricks, just genuine support.

Case Studies

Case Studies

our numbers speak louder than words,

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Request a free consultation with our team. Please register your details and we'll be in touch.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of your contract?

There is no minimum contract term. We offer a flexible, rolling 30-day contract that can be terminated at any point. There are no exit fees. 


Will I lose control over my OTAs or Technology?

No. You retain full control and ownership of all your accounts. We will simply act as an additional user of your portals, so that we can do our job.


Will you be collecting cash for my bookings? 

No. We will never interfere with your cashflow in any way. You will keep receiving your bookings revenue as usual.


Is there a minimum room requirement to qualify for your service?

We typically support properties ranging from 5 to 100+ rooms. Regardless of the number of sellable units you operate, we're here to assist.


Will I need to change my tech?

We work with various PMS/Channel Manager solutions and will continue using your existing tech. However, if you don't have any tech in place or using outdated systems that do not support the right distribution, we can help you switch to the best suitable option.


What is the cost of your service?

We charge a small percentage fee on bookings generated for you online. While we also fully support your direct strategy, there are no charges on offline bookings. To determine the specific fee we can offer for our services, we would need more details about your property. Please feel free to request your Free Consultation.


Can you offer a fixed fee contract?

We believe it's unfair to charge fixed monthly fees regardless of our performance. A percentage-based contract is fairer as it ties costs to performance, ensuring a proportional fee increase with revenue growth, reflecting the value brought to the business. Simply put, the more money you make, the more we make. Additionally, properties may experience seasonal variations or unexpected challenges, and a percentage fee adjusts accordingly, ensuring fairness in every scenario.

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